Posted by: Ken Wheatley | August 6, 2009


Sheila started running a fever of 101 about an hour ago and is coughing up yellow junk. She was on three antibiotics earlier today, but they stopped them because the doctors collectively didn’t feel she needed them. But obviously something is going on inside. Her heart rate while she’s sleeping is 106 to 110. Her oxygen saturation level varies between 85 and 95.

The nurse contacted the doctor that’s on-call, and they have ordered up some lab tests and a restart of the antibiotics.



  1. Ken and Sheila- My continual prayers for you both and also to guide the hands, hearts and minds of the hospital staff to find the best care and relief possible.

  2. Ken and Sheila, Prayers are in overdrive for you both — may God be with you and also with the doctors, nurses and medical professionals who are travelling this journey with you. Hugs, Patti

  3. Ken and Sheila, our prayers are with you both everyday.

  4. Ken and Sheila, Nancy and I think about you guys every day and continue to pray for you both!

    With lots of love!

    Ed & Nancy Wallace

  5. Ken and Sheila: Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you. We ask god to bestow on you all the comfort that you so deserve on this journey.

    Carrie Merzbacher

  6. If there is anything we can do, we will be in the area from August 13th-16th. I know you don’t know us personally but we truly care as we are in the lung cancer fight ourselves. Sending you and Sheila lots of strength, Christi & Allen Ross

  7. Christi and Allen, thank you for the offers to help. We have a great support system, but we appreciate the offer for help. And with all that you’re going through you guys need to relax and take advantage of the great weather we’re having in San Diego. Have fun…

  8. Thanks Carrie. See you soon, I hope…

  9. Big E, thanks for the continuous support. Give a hug to Nancy for us….

  10. Thanks Eddie…

  11. Thank you, Patti…

  12. Hi Benetta,
    Very nice of you to write. Hope all is going well on the CRB.
    Thanks for the note,

  13. ken and shelia,
    Our thoughts are with you…

  14. Sheila you looked GREAT today! Go For It!! Keep fight!! We love you!!! Caylynn,Scott,Hallie,Ty..

  15. Ed,
    I heard about what you and Nancy wanted to do – bringing food to the house. That was incredibly nice of you, and considering how well you cook, we’ll have to take you up on that. I’ll give you a call at work.

    Thanks again, my friend.

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