Posted by: Ken Wheatley | August 12, 2009

Could Lightning Really Strike Us Twice?

For almost 9 months I’ve had a cloud hanging over me and fortunately I’ve been so busy with Sheila’s illness I’ve not spent a lot of time thinking about this. But with each passing month, and each passing test, the pressure within me builds to acknowledge the 800 pound gorilla that’s been sitting in the corner of my life.

I’ve also been reluctant to write about it because putting it down on paper adds form, substance, potential impact(s),  and decisions that I don’t particularly want to, or care to deal with for obvious reasons. I also don’t want my (potential) issue to detract from what is more important to me right now and that of course is Sheila. There is nothing – other than my daughter Tammy – that is as important in my life.

That said, here is my burden/dilemna. I have a biopsy scheduled for next Wednesday that will take me out of action for the day – which is a day away from Sheila. And based on the testing that I’ve undergone every three months for the past 9 – the results of that biopsy will most likely be positive for cancer. Put another way – the doctor and I would be surprised if I don’t have cancer.

Of course, there’s always the chance that it won’t be, but the test results are always the same – not good. And as my doctor rather humorously put it a couple of weeks ago when I got the lastest test results, it’s time to find out once and for all because, “we’re not in the business of collecting statistics for the sake of collecting statistics.” So basically, it’s time for the needle biopsies.

Even if the results are bad, it’s unlikely that I’ll do anything about it as long as Sheila is ill. I don’t want to miss any time with her. At all.

I didn’t tell Sheila what was going on until the train ride back from our first meeting at USC Medical a few weeks ago. As fate would have it, my doctor called with some test results when we were on the train, and Sheila was naturally curious about what was so important that he would be calling that late in the day. 

So she went with me to the meeting, which was a few days before she was admitted to the hospital. So we’ll see what happens. Maybe our luck will turn and our concerns will be for nothing.



  1. I’m sure that by now, with all you and your family have been through, the tears have been shed and your strength and resolve have taken over. So, if you don’t mind, I’ve decided to take over the tear detail for you, Sheila and Tammy. I promise I’ll do it well.

    Love and prayers always …


  2. i am soo sorry.
    my heartaches…….
    your love for each other transcends
    the universe.
    the universe that has no answers…..but, the only part of this universe is the love part…..where
    we only need be.

  3. and i will be there with sheila when you need to deal with your appt.

  4. We are thinking about you both – way out here in Maryland. All our love, Robin Kendall, and Bob and Kimberlee.

  5. Sending love and prayers that God gives you both strength and lifts you up……..

  6. Thanks Janice and Bob. Nice to hear from you guys. And tell Bob that I know I owe him a call. I haven’t forgotten! Hugs, Ken

  7. Hi Robin. Sheila mentioned you quite often when she was in the hospital. She keeps hoping to see you and Bob at some point. She couldn’t make the trip to DC that I had a few weeks ago, but maybe you’ll find your way to SD.

  8. Hi Carrie. So nice of you to write and your words are expressed so wonderfully. Next time I’m in the office I’ll swing by. I gather you’re still in B7? Hugs, Ken

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