Posted by: Ken Wheatley | October 19, 2009


Sheila and I have a Netflix account. She liked foreign films flush with subtitles and the occasional “chick-flick,” and my tastes lean more to drama, mystery, or action. But we would often sit on the couch and watch each other’s selection, or if I was sitting at the kitchen table reading I would eventually be drawn into the story and move to the couch. I ended-up watching, and enjoying, movies that I wouldn’t have expected, more often than not. So Sheila did expand my horizons. I can’t say that I did the same for her in my choice of flicks.

I initially thought of clearing out her queue, but then I thought it would be a good way to continuing learning more about her tastes, and continue to share something we did every week, so I decided to let the movies keep coming.

The first DVD to arrive was an collection of “House M.D.” episodes from season 2. Ironically the first episode dealt with a woman who had a persistent cough and ended-up diagnosed with terminal lung cancer! I thought, “wow, good thing this didn’t arrive when Sheila was here.”

I watched the episode, but it was very difficult. I almost turned it off, but knowing Sheila, she would have continued anyway, so I stuck with it. Unlike many of his “patients” who usually survive, this one didn’t. So while it was accurate from that standpoint, it wasn’t something I wanted to relive.

After that episode, and another dealing with a 9 year old with terminal cancer, I went to the computer and checked the rest of her queue, and with the exception of two DVD’s all of them (6) are “House” episodes. That would be too much to endure. So I did delete them and have kept the last two – “Shall We Kiss,” and “The Return of Martin Guerre” – both foreign films.



  1. wow, what an amazing coincendence ken with that movie!!!!!!!!!

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