Posted by: Ken Wheatley | October 19, 2009

Motorcycle Ride

Gordon called yesterday, Saturday, to see if I wanted to go for a ride today. We hadn’t been for at least 8 months. I wasn’t even sure the bike would run properly. Sheila had bought me a battery saver a couple of years ago, so I knew the battery would work. The fuel and oil were a different story.

But the bike started and ran fine so I took off at 11:30 to meet Gordon. As soon as I pulled away from the house it wasn’t the same. It was the first time I had ridden without Sheila.

Sheila and I took the motorcycle training course together and got our licenses at the same time. But other than an initial interest in getting her own bike, that desire pretty much went away because she loved riding on the back of my bike, a Harley V-Rod. To make it more comfortable for her, I changed out the stock seat and got one that has more cushioning, with a backrest.

So I really missed feeling her pressing against my back and the regular hugs she would give me throughout our rides. Sometimes at the lights she’d rest her helmut against mine, or if I was leaning a bit forward, she’d rest her head against my upper back. She also developed a habit of massaging my butt at the traffic lights because they’d go numb. The V-Rod is not really built for comfort – at least my portion of the seat doesn’t feel that way. But it was just another way for her to be in contact with me and provide her brand of affection. I’d also reach down and massage her calves. I liked feeling her legs on either side of my hips.

So I missed having her with me on the ride today. I told her about our trip when I got home. Gordon and I went to a restaurant in Temecula, Penfold I think is the name, that we had taken Sheila to once before.

I miss kissing her in restaurants and sitting next to her in the booth. We always sat next to each other even if it was just the two of us. I miss holding her hands at the table, or stroking her leg, or hair (or head when she lost her hair). I miss telling her that I love her and seeing her face light up. Whenever she would tell me she loves me, I would say, “but I love you more,” and she’d laugh and respond, “no, I love you more.” We didn’t do that all the time, but it always made her giggle and smile real big when I’d start it.

The last “good” meal we ate out – as far as how she was feeling – was lunch on September 9th at the Island’s restaurant on Nobel Drive. She was trying to work her way up to a meal at Flemings – her favorite steak house. Our very last meal together was on September 11 at Sheerwater at the Hotel Del. She had soup.



  1. awww, ken , thanking you for continually sharing
    your thoughts and stories……….you are a wonderful at it ! know, that i think of you everyday…and of course, sheila, too and her family and her friends……

    love to you and your heart and soul.


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