Posted by: Ken Wheatley | October 21, 2009

Final Tribute Photos

My Queen while cruising the Nile River

One of my favorite photos of Sheila

Well, here are the last of the photos. Don’t forget to scroll over the photos for descriptions: The universal "thumbs up" in EgyptKissing in Southern Egypt


She's so incredibly beautiful. So elegant...


Sheila's the one on the far right...

Danielle's Wedding (Sheila, Mo, and Kathy)Key West 2009Little Palm Island Florida 2009"Doobie Brothers" Pat Simmons & Sheila Before the Concert at Humphrey's By The Bay 9-10-07Christmas childhood 2Christmas childhood

Dip Dip Dip Stroke...Dip Dip Dip Stroke...

Dip Dip Dip Stroke...Dip Dip Dip Stroke...



  1. You have better been using my OPI Beautiful Purple on her toes KEN!!! Joel and I just returned from Old Venice, where Sheila and I had many wonderful happy fun nights…… she had not had any experiences at bar scenes… before she and I were single. I had a toast tonight to my memories in this place, for my wondrerful girl friend Sheila……….xoxox I love you & I miss you my sweet friend . CC

  2. Hmmm…I’m pretty sure it wasn’t purple. Sheila liked rose colored nail polish, mostly. As for the brand, we’d have to check with Jean. She supplied the material.

    And I remember the stories of Old Venice. She had a great time with you there, and that other place, the Blue something in La Jolla.

    Looking forward to the rescheduled dinner. Still under the weather. “Great” way to spend the weekend….

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