Posted by: Ken Wheatley | October 21, 2009

Photo Tribute – 3

Sailing Certification Course 12/08I’m sitting in my home office listening to the songs I played at the memorial (and I’ll get that list to you Kathi), and I also remembered that I hadn’t put all the pictures up that were shown at the memorial service. So here are more of them. Scroll over the picture(s) to get the description. I’ll need one more Post to get them all in:

Electric Cafe Christmas 2008

Sheila, Brian, Ken

Team SheilaJean and Sheila before lung cancer walkKen and Sheila in Egypt"YMCA" on catamaran at CaboCabo cruise 2009The Sphinx and my PrincessSheila and PyramidMounting upIndiana Jones'This is San Diego???Evette and SheilaSheila and Step PyramidEgyptian Columns and SheilaA day at the beach

Sybie, Tammy, Laura, Gordon, Sheila, Ken and Steve

Sybie, Tammy, Laura, Gordon, Sheila, Ken and Steve



  1. Not only was Sheila your Queen but you were her King. It shows in all the pictures. She will be mssed by all and the memories of her will last forever.

  2. Thanks Rhonda. It does make me smile, a lot, to know that I pleased her as much as she pleased me.

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