Posted by: Ken Wheatley | November 4, 2009

Surgery postponed

Well, the fever is gone, but the deep persistent cough and mild fatigue remains after almost two weeks. I managed to go into the office for about 6 or 7 hours on Monday, but hacked for most of the time and grew more tired as the afternoon wore on.

This is the longest I’ve gone with minimal human contact. I can’t talk much due to the sore throat, so the days have been very quiet as well.

I checked-in with the nurse at the surgeon’s office on Monday, and finally spoke with Dr. Salem this morning. With my symptoms she didn’t think it advisable to risk any complications during or after the surgery, so she canceled the procedure for tomorrow and suggested I call my primary doctor to find out what else could be done.

So I left a message for Dr. Lin, and he called back this afternoon. He reviewed my file and test results and said it was confirmed that I have H1N1. Considering that my fever is gone the Tamiflu worked for that, but  he said it’s possible – based on what they’re seeing in other patients with H1N1 – that it’s morphed from a virus to a bacterial lung infection. So he started me on two inhalers – albuterol and a steroid – and Hydromet cough syrup.

If I’m not better by Friday, then I’m to call him. Not sure why – what he’d do next – but hopefully it won’t be necessary for me to call.



  1. I recently went through something similar to what you’re describing…. I was soooooo weak, tired, exhausted for 4 weeks….The”PROAIR” abuterol is better than others. You should be well in a short while but these viruses, really kick butt. Also if the doctor can give you phenergan cough syrup with codeine for your cough, will really help and you’ll sleep like a baby…Take care Ken…..
    P.S. Rent lots of good movies and get lots of sleep.

  2. Sorry about the flu boy you
    Must be so dissapointed better
    Safe than sorry. Ill keep
    Reading your post stay out of trouble love buni joe

  3. Hi Arlene,
    I have gotten better. The cough persists, but not quite as bad as it was. I’m not sure if the cough syrup has codeine – I tend to doubt it, because it doesn’t knock me out. Sleep, other than last night, has gotten easier too, so that’s a relief.
    Take care,

  4. Hi Buni,
    Yes, I was very disappointed. Timing really sucked. So now I just have to stay healthy until the surgery….

  5. Ken have u reschedule your
    Surgery??? How r u feeling
    Joe and I got the flu shot
    And the h1n1 taking no chances

  6. Hi Buni (and Joe), I’m not 100%, unfortunately – mostly the persistent cough lingers, but much better than I was. Hard to believe this has been going on for just about a month. Anyway, surgery is rescheduled for the 30th. Pre-op is the 25th. Hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving. I’m going over to Jim and Nancy’s.

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