Posted by: Ken Wheatley | January 22, 2010

Tofino Island, BC – Long Beach Lodge Resort

Well…after several years of thinking about it, “we” made it here, finally.

If you recall, one of the places on our “someday” list was the Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, British Colombia, on Vancouver Island (  I checked in yesterday afternoon for a three day stay.

It’s about five and a half hours from Vancouver to Tofino by car and ferry. The ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver to Nanaimo, otherwise known as Departure Bay, on Vancouver Island is about an hour and a half. Beautiful vistas, and if you’re a photographer, lots of photo ops with the majestic snow-capped mountain ranges. If you have a long lense you’ll be able to get a really great shot of Vancouver. Take an early ferry – 10:30am – and the lighting will be just right.

Upon docking in Nanaimo I took a leisurely drive to the resort making sure to stop along the way to take pictures, even in the rain, which it did for most of the trip. Sheila and I love(d) waterfalls, and raging streams and there were several nice ones along this trip. She would have liked them. Here are a couple of them (clicking on any of the photos should enlarge them for better viewing):

I splurged and got a really nice room on the top floor overlooking Cox Bay. It’s a room and a view Sheila would have really enjoyed. It’s very, very relaxing and tranquil. Other than breakfast and dinner I spent the entire day in the room, something I’ve never done before. But it’s that nice and I could picture just hanging out with Sheila. She would definitely have liked sitting outside and reading while occasionally looking out at the view.

I’m glad the resort is living up to the built-up expectations I had. I’m pleased that it would have been a place that we would have made “ours” and wanted to return to.

Here’s what the room and view looks like:

And finally, the sun broke through for the first time in two days – just in time for a spectacular sunset. I had the blog up at the time I was taking pictures, so I thought it would be cool to take a picture of the sunset with “us” in it.

Here are some other sunset photos…enjoy…

I love you Sheila…



  1. breathtaking ken……..thank you, thank you for
    sharing this with me and others……!!!!
    i love you and i love sheila…..

  2. OMG How awesome is that, glad you are taking time to relax and enjoy special moments, and that you can enjoy the moment knowing that sheila is on this journey with you.

  3. Ken,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you on your recent visit to Long Beach Lodge!

    As I had mentioned, after being alerted to your blog, it was great to read about your journey with Sheila, especially as my wife had recently loss her mom to cancer.

    I wish you all the best and will be keen to check back in the future for further updates from you.

    Best Regards
    Perry Schmunk
    General Manager
    Long Beach Lodge Resort
    Tofino BC, CANADA

  4. Ken, you and Sheila have been continuously in our prayers. Not a day goes by without us thinking about you and hoping you are coping. Keep the faith.

  5. Thanks for your constant encouragement and support Janice. I hope to see you and Bob next week at Kiawah. Hugs…

  6. Hi Perry,
    It was a pleasure meeting you as well and spending some time talking. The resort and experience was wonderful – far better than I could have expected.

    I hope your wife can ultimately find something to fill the void of the regular calls to and from her mom. I too have days where I wait for the phone to ring, or want to call Sheila to share something. So I know the challenge she faces.

    My best to you both and the rest of your family.

    Take care,

  7. Thanks Mo. As good as the pictures might be, they pale compared to seeing it in person. Love you too…

  8. I’m very glad I got to finally make the trip, Tina. It provided some sense of completion – not closure. And I hope you’re right, that Sheila was there somehow enjoying it with me. Nice thought….

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