Posted by: Ken Wheatley | May 6, 2010

Lung Cancer Alliance Walk – San Diego 5/2/10

The Walk was last Sunday morning and a group of friends and family gathered with several hundred others to walk and remember loved ones who aren’t here anymore, and those still fighting the battle.

I was supposed to be in Chicago that afternoon to start a class at the Kellogg School of Business, but couldn’t miss the Walk, so I changed my flight plans and got to the school at 6pm instead – just in time for the night session.

I parked over at the San Diego airport and walked across the street to the Cancer Survivor’s Park where the Walk was to begin. I was fine until I got to the registration table. When I saw the printed cards giving the information about the tennis tournament I got choked up. Sheila was with me last year at the Walk, standing next to me getting our goodie bag, and smiling. And now this year I was standing there without her.

When the woman behind the table asked my name so she could give me a teeshirt, I couldn’t talk or I would really start crying. So I pointed to the name on the card. She asked if Sheila was my wife. And I nodded, yes.

And then I saw Mike Stevens, a cancer patient and friend of Sheila’s. He looked well, but I know otherwise. He’s been sick longer than Sheila was, and I won’t share what he said, but the cancer has spread. What a depressing disease.

We talked briefly – he’s the co-chair of the Alliance so he was busy. But he again commented on how sorry he was that we lost Sheila last year. He reflected on the first time he met us at UCSD.

So as soon as I get the pictures from Kevin, I’ll post them…..



  1. Thinking of you always……Just remember one day at a time 🙂

  2. Thanks Tina….

  3. Not many days go bye, that I don’t think of Sheila, and miss her. When I look in my garden, I always feel her! Especially my peach tree!! She and I shared many peaches, some of the seeds were planted in my garden are now my beautiful peach tree, I can’t help to think she is helping it grow. Just like her love, she will be for ever in our hearts, and always watching over us. An Angel, she will always be. Take care Ken,LoveCaylynn

  4. Our peach, plum and asian pear trees are really blooming. It was because of Sheila’s handiwork and care that the pear tree is even alive. It had a really bad blight hit it and Walter Anderson Nursery said it was a goner and to just get rid of it. But Sheila treated it somehow and it’s alive and bearing fruit. Of course I think of her everytime I check-out the tree. I tell all of them (yes, I do talk to the trees) that they have to do well for Sheila.

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