Posted by: Ken Wheatley | August 12, 2010

Promise Almost Fulfilled

The Tennis Classic was intended to be the primary vehicle to continue Sheila’s desire to increase awareness about lung cancer and thus a cure. But as with all things in life, in an unexpected way, another, perhaps bigger opportunity to “spread the word” may come to pass this weekend.

In my continuing quest to get players for the event, I contacted Matthew Hall at the San Diego Union Tribune about getting the event listed in the community calendar.

I didn’t hear anything for a few days, and then Matt called and said that they’d like to do a story about Sheila, her journey, our journey, and our marriage. He’d read our blogs and the combination of the content, our story, the tournament, Sheila’s connection to the San Diego community by birth and with her business all provides a compelling story.

So it may be published this weekend. Hopefully it’ll generate a lot of interest for the tournament. But more important, it’ll provide a level of personal awareness for lung cancer that’s not really been covered in this manner. Maybe a researcher at one of the biotechs in San Diego will read it and be motivated to do more work in this area. Just don’t know who it’ll touch or what will come of it.

We keep plugging away. Have 6 players signed up as of today – One men’s, one women’s, and one mixed doubles team. I’m confident that we’ll have a surge of sign-ups and it’ll be a successful event.

Thanks to everyone who has passed out flyers, registration packets, sent emails, called friends, and especially to the sponsors and corporate supporters. Sony, of course, has been awesome. Not only sponsoring the event, but donating product and a private tour of the normally closed to the public Pictures Studios in Culver City for the raffle.

And can’t forget Chris DeMartino who owns 2-Twelve Studio Inc. He and his team are doing the design work – pro bono – of the Breathe.Change logo that will ultimately represent The Sheila A. Wheatley Foundation. Good people.

Sheila’s got to be smiling, as usual, with the progress. Can’t wait for the actual event to really fulfill my commitment to her. I love you, Sheila…



  1. Hi Ken,

    Glad to hear the planning for the tennis classic is coming along. Would love to read the story that is being written in your local newspaper—–it is a very deserving story to be written. We can read it on line, I think, but let us know when it appears, will you?
    Take care——Debbie and Elliot

  2. Hi Debbie,
    The online version of the article came out tonight (the 15th) so here it is:

    Thanks for keeping in touch. Best to you and Elliot…

  3. Dear Ken,
    Just thought I’d drop you a line after reading your story in the paper. Keeping you in our prayers, you where a lovely couple.
    Kandy Whitefield

  4. Thanks for taking the time to write, Kandy.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write, Kandy. I’ve been busy with work and traveling – both work and pleasure – so I’m sorry for the delayed response. I finally got to make the Alaska trip I had hoped to take with Sheila. It was a great trip and she would have loved it.

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