Posted by: Ken Wheatley | August 24, 2010

Around, just swamped

I’ve been meaning to write, but as the tournament time draws closer there’s a lot to do, plus I do have a job that’s very consuming as well. So the days and nights have been quite long.

But everyday new entries come in for the tournament, and I’m excited about actually pulling this off for her. Sheila would be so thrilled!!! I can just picture that cute, great smile of hers.

I appreciate all the help I’ve been getting from friends and total strangers. It’s amazing how many people, whom I’ve never met, have really stepped in to get the word out and drive participation. And the people at Sony have been amazing. Without them – especially Kim – I wouldn’t have half of what I have on the infrastructure side. As Sandra has said, it’s a tribe-thing.

Have to work on the signage this week, and the event insurance paperwork.

Amazingly, still working on the tax issues for Sheila’s former business. It’s been over a year since she sold the company, but unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance to close out all parts of it, so it’s been a baptism of fire for me.

Anyway, hope she’s happy up there, looking down on what we’re doing for her, and others like her.

Love you, Sheila…



  1. Ken, I am so very sorry for the loss of your wife Sheila. I ran across your story while reading a blog from a friend in Ventura CA, Allen Ross that has Lung Cancer. I lost my son Tom, Feb. 3, 2010 of lung cancer. After 7 months I still am having a hard time moving on. Our stories seem so similar. My son was married in Nov. 2009. Since his diagnosis Dec. 2008 we packed in a lot of traveling and good memories but my heart is still so empty. Doing a lot of the same things you are doing. Your wife was very lucky to have had you by her side. My son’s wife was so wonderful to him. We are so grateful for her.

    Good luck on your golf tournament.
    Bless you in your life. Our loved ones are watching us and want the best for us.

    Sally McLaughlin
    Tempe, AZ

  2. Hey Ken,
    Did anyone ever figure out how Shelia
    got lung cancer?
    Was it from asbestos exposure?
    I truly feel your pain, and I’m sorry for your

    Tim Weems

  3. Hi Tim,
    You comment ended up in spam, so I just saw it.

    It’s very unlikely that’s what caused it. She wasn’t exposed to asbestos in her work or home environment. She had been exposed to secondhand smoke for about 5 years, 25+ years ago, so that’s a possibility. But they don’t know what caused it.


  4. Thanks for writing, Sally. I’m sorry about your son, Tom. Being a parent as well, I couldn’t imagine what would be worse – losing a child or a spouse. It’s an emptiness we’ll carry for life. I’m glad his wife was so good to him. And I hope you’ve kept her in your life.

    The tennis tournament is shaping up nicely. Over 80 players have signed-up, so it should be a good day next weekend.

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

    Take care,

  5. Thanks for the message Sally. I’m very sorry to read about Tom. But I take comfort that he had a loving, supportive wife, and family to make the journey more tolerable. I couldn’t imagine losing my daughter. It was tough enough with Sheila. It’s very difficult to see our loved ones suffer as they did, but at least it’s over for them and there is no more pain that they have to endure.

    I hope Tom’s wife is still a welcome member of your family. That hasn’t been my experience, but every family reacts to these events in different ways.

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