Posted by: Ken Wheatley | September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Today would have been your 53rd.

I’ve been thinking about this day for most of the week, thinking back to where we were this time last year. The weather today is much like it was then – sunny, warm, with a slight breeze.

I remember being at the cottage on the beach. I went to have breakfast and you couldn’t go because you weren’t feeling well. You just wanted me to bring some fruit and yogurt back, which I did. They had blueberry, one of your favorites. French vanilla would have been better.

Even though you didn’t look well, you were still so beautiful. When I came back to the cottage you were on the porch, sitting on the lounge chair taking in the early morning sun and working on your Suduko book. Of course, as soon as you saw me, I got that big smile and tender eyes. I love you so much. I miss you so much.

So of course, I’ll be thinking about you all day, as I do everyday, and wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.



  1. happy Birthday Sheila, Hope the party is huge for you up there…….thinking of you Ken 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday,Sheila 🙂

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