Posted by: Ken Wheatley | September 14, 2010

6 hours ago…6 hours from now

It’s 5:50pm.

Six hours ago, last year on this date, the doctors wanted me to talk with the San Diego Hospice people about moving you to the house. We knew the end was near, just not how near. A few days? A week or two? 

You were still conscious and able to understand me. We talked, as best you could with that huge oxygen facemask on, and you wanted to come home. I can remember you shaking your head, “yes”, and those big eyes looking at me so desparately. So eagerly. So tenderly.

But I could tell that you were suffering – having a lot of difficulty breathing – and subjecting you to the hourlong ambulance ride would have been to much. As much as I wanted you home again for my own benefit, as well as yours, I knew it wouldn’t be the right thing.

Six hours and ten minutes from now you’d be gone.

I miss my friend. I miss my wife. I miss…you…


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