Posted by: Ken Wheatley | December 20, 2010

The Holidays

Like the millions with heavy hearts during this time of year I’m waiting for December to be over.

It’s ironic that in December 2007 Sheila and I spoke with exuberant optimism about 2008. Little did we know. So I don’t think in those terms. It’s life. Something to be lived, endured, and experienced with the occasional highs.

It’s about experiencing as many positive things as you can. Creating as many (good) memories as you can fit in, because you don’t know when you’ll be “called” to the plate.

I miss Sheila all the time. But I’ve had no choice but to pick myself up and look forward. To do otherwise is too debilitating. I can’t do the positive things in her memory I want and need to do.

I’m creating new memories and experiences with Sandra now. I’m told that’s what Sheila would have wanted. I think everyone says that. But it’s made a big difference in my survival and outlook. I’m working on getting the tennis tournament USTA sanctioned. Still researching where to devote the money I raise.

Create memories. That’s what you’ll have, and cherish the most. Take lots of photos. And videos. Gosh…I wish I had done videos of us on the various trips.

Merry Christmas, Sheila. I love you…



  1. Hi Ken!! Wishing you and Sandra Happy Holidays! Everything you say is so true! Sheila will forever and always be in yours and everyone’s hearts. Very happy you’ve been able to move forward and find happiness again. You deserve that! You have a beautiful angel watching over you! Stay warm and keep smiling 🙂

    Love, Christi

  2. Dear Ken,
    I am also one of those who are sure that Sheila wants you to be happy, and you are someone who should not be alone.
    And I am also one of those, who will not forget about Sheila.

    Thousands of warm wishes to you and also to Sandra, even though we haven’t met yet, from the snowy Hamburg.

  3. i took a moment to touch base with you on your blog. my what a beautiful couple… reading thru some of your entries brought tears to my eyes, but joy to my heart knowing that you brought happiness and love into Sheilas life and her into yours. am so glad to have met you!

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