Posted by: Ken Wheatley | June 8, 2011

Car wash

I sold my car shortly after Sheila passed away when I found that I was driving her car more and more, and the other less and less.

Well, today, a year and a half later, I’m finally having the car cleaned on the inside. I’ve been having the outside cleaned regularly, but, for probably obvious reasons, I couldn’t bring myself to have the inside cleaned. Sheila’s presence was evidenced by the fingerprints on the headliner, and her personal items in the various trays. But it had to be cleaned at some point, and I thought today was as good as any. So I went through everything last night and took out the hair barrettes, eyeliner pen (?), sour candy tin (which is now empty), hair comb, pins, etc. 

At the bottom of the armrest tray I found a small love note I had written to her on a Post-it note many years ago. It’s always a heart-grabber when I stumble upon such items.  

So they’re outside working on a complete detailing of the car now. Reminds me of a time when I stopped by her office unannounced on my day off, and she was so happy to see me. I was looking for something to do and saw that her car needed to be washed. So I took it to a local place and had it detailed for her as a surprise. Can still see the usual big grin on her face.



  1. I was surprised to see a new entry in your blog, Ken. It’s been awhile since you’ve written. Enjoy your warm memories of Sheila. They are a part of who you are.

    Don’t forget to send me wedding pictures.

    Take care——-Debbie

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