Posted by: Ken Wheatley | July 22, 2009

Waiting game

Sheila’s stomach problems persist. She’s seen an internist who didn’t find anything, so we’re waiting for an appointment with a gastronenterologist to see if they can determine the source of the intense pain she’s experiencing.

Poor baby isn’t able to sleep well. Still has to sit up either in bed or in a chair to try and sleep. She really dislikes having to take all the pain medication to dull the pain, but not taking them is really not viable. I can’t imagine what it’s like to not only be in that kind of constant pain, but to not know what’s causing it.

She stayed home yesterday, but is heading into the office today. Not sure how she’s pulling that off seeing as how haggard she looked this morning when I left. I thought for sure she was staying home again. But she called an hour ago to say she was heading to the office.

She took the requisite tests yesterday for USC, so we’re waiting for their final answer. And she’s still going back and forth with MDA. We also have to schedule time with Dr. B to go over the options.

The radiation rash/burns are healing pretty well, so she should be ready to start some treatment after next Wednesday.



  1. Hi Ken,
    I’m following your and Sheila’s travails and keep you in my prayers always. Your soldiering through this is inspirational to me, but I know love conquers all!
    Had a nice lunch today with Ken Coughlin, just retired, and correspondence with a few other Sony folks. Jim Palumbo also visited couple weeks ago, and he is organizing a “retirement dinner” for John Briesch in early August, which I Will attend.
    Good luck on the trial participation, fingers crossed!!
    My best, Frank

  2. Thanks for the note and support, Frank. Good to hear from you…

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